26 Apr

Finding art and collecting art in Miami is an important part of George Lindemann investment portfolio, and this article explains how celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Alicia Keys invest in art when they come to Miami. Miami is flourishing every year, and it is a city that is filled with inspiring sunshine and vistas.

#1: Who Collects Art?

Everyone who has wealth will collect art simply because it is beautiful, and they will find that the art will give them quite a lot of earning potential on each investment. Celebrities who come to the city will visit the homes of many artists they prefer to work with, and they will have a look at all the things that they may purchase.

#2: Where to Find Shops and Art

There are many shops and art galleries spread around the city. The Design District has art houses, and there are galleries in some of the nicest parts of the city. There are some who wish to shop for art passively, and there are others who will find it quite simple to visit their favored artists when they come to the city.

#3: Basel Art Festival

Basel Art Festival is one of the largest art festivals in the world, and it hosts all the finest artists in the city. They have special booths at the festival that their celebrity clients will visit, and they will ask their artists if there is something new and special they may purchase. There are quite a few people who will come to each booth, and they will see art pieces that they may wish to take home.

#4: Why Is Miami Popular For Art Collectors?

Miami is a large and growing city that has many people coming through for their vacations every year. It has grown such that it offers a number of services and perks to the visitor that will make their stay more exciting, and they often come to see a more beautiful side of the world. Fashion, art and music are thriving in the city.

Everyone who comes to Miami to collect art will find the city quite enlightening as they will visit a place that gives them endless possibilities when they wish to invest. Each piece of art has been created to help someone save their money in a wise manner, and artists are selling direct to celebrities who visit the city for this purpose.