4 Dec

If you are lucky enough to ever get to visit the Cayman Islands, there are a few places you should make time to visit, take pictures, and relish the beauty. The Cayman Islands are located East of Mexico, and South of Cuba. They consist of three islands, the Grand Cayman, The Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The overall population is around 60,765 and the capital of Cayman Islands, is George Town.

The Cayman Islands are packed with hotels, anywhere from a standard Holiday Inn, to the exclusive Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. There is a hotel for every budget, and need. From Heated pools, indoor saunas, and room service, the Marriott also offers massages and day spas. And if you can score a room at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, you may just see a few celebrities, such as Orlando Bloom, and also Jerry O’Conner has been spotted taking his family to the Resort on vacation. You may luck out and spot one of your favorite celebrities on the famous Cayman Islands during your stay.

If you end up in the Cayman Islands, there are so many places to choose to eat. If you have time to reserve a table, Ristorante Pappagallo has been one of the favorite spots to eat, by many that have visited the Cayman Islands. Its an amazing Italian and Sea food, dine in eatery. If you are strapped on time, or cash, The Burger Shack, raves over its Fast Food, Grilled Best Burgers. The Big Tree BBQ, also known for its fair priced, delicious BBQ food, also offers a quick but positive eating experience.

And while the shopping in Cayman islands are amazing, do not forget that it’s all tax free shopping and Americans can bring home, $800.00 worth of merchandise, per person, duty free. This makes for some great shopping. For a huge selection of Unique gifts and souvenirs, try and stop by Cayside Galleries. While the prices are great, so are the quality of the bags, sundresses-shirts, ornaments, and other items they carry.