19 May

There’s something grand about collecting art. When you are able to invest in pieces for your private collection, you can start a gallery, display the items in your home, or lend them to museums. If you’re a lover of art, you can become a collector with relative ease. Miami is a hot spot for artists, and you may find yourself lot some incredible pieces, which is why you may want to look into a few steps that will help you become a private art collector.

Set Up Storage Space

Before you get to anything related to picking up art, you need to have space. If you do not have a dedicated storage space for the pieces that you are going to buy, you may get stuck with pieces that you cannot transport or store. For that reason, consider purchasing a storage space that can fit the items that you may want to collect. Assess whether you want large pieces, small options, or something fragile. Once you decide that, get a space, you’re going to need it.

Consider the Cost

Moving forward, you’ll want to aside a price that you’re willing to invest. What are your limits? Many artists and galleries are not going to cut you a “discount” on art. Some of the best works are going to cost thousands, if not tens of thousands. Are you ready to make that type of commitment? Assess your budget, and consider what style of art, year, and price point that you want to search within. This is going to help you move forward with ease.

Visit Galleries and Network

Once you have considered the cost, and you’ve set up storage space, start to isolate Miami art galleries. Look for options throughout the city, and visit them during office hours. Prepare to network with the curators, artists, and anyone that works there. Your goal is to get friendly, and on a first name basis with everyone that you come in contact with. When you see pieces that are great, inquire about the artist and see if you can set up a meeting. If you’re looking for art from the past, this is not possible, obviously.

In the case that you’re looking to collect art from the past eras, like modern art, contemporary art, classical, cubist, or other solutions, then you will need to still explore, but since many artists from these eras aren’t around, you may need to befriend gallery owners alone. You may run into other collectors such as George Lindemann, Oprah Winfrey, Val Kilmer and Lars Ulrich, just to name a few famed art collectors.

Throw an Art Opening

After you’ve networked, and visited several galleries, throw an art opening. This can only occur after you’ve networked with galleries, and spoke to curators. After you’ve met artists, and you’ve decided to invest in their work, you can throw an art opening to not only draw attention to the work of the artist, but to showcase the works that you’ve purchased and invested in.

At the end of the day, it’s not hard to become a private art collector in Miami. It just takes a little bit of groundwork, networking, and time. Once you isolate the type of art you want, you will find many opportunities to purchase, invest, and showcase the works. Visit places like Dina Mitrani Gallery, Primary Projects, Spinello Projects, and other galleries in the Miami area to get started.