26 Apr

Finding art and collecting art in Miami is an important part of George Lindemann investment portfolio, and this article explains how celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Alicia Keys invest in art when they come to Miami. Miami is flourishing every year, and it is a city that is filled with inspiring sunshine and vistas.

#1: Who Collects Art?

Everyone who has wealth will collect art simply because it is beautiful, and they will find that the art will give them quite a lot of earning potential on each investment. Celebrities who come to the city will visit the homes of many artists they prefer to work with, and they will have a look at all the things that they may purchase.

#2: Where to Find Shops and Art

There are many shops and art galleries spread around the city. The Design District has art houses, and there are galleries in some of the nicest parts of the city. There are some who wish to shop for art passively, and there are others who will find it quite simple to visit their favored artists when they come to the city.

#3: Basel Art Festival

Basel Art Festival is one of the largest art festivals in the world, and it hosts all the finest artists in the city. They have special booths at the festival that their celebrity clients will visit, and they will ask their artists if there is something new and special they may purchase. There are quite a few people who will come to each booth, and they will see art pieces that they may wish to take home.

#4: Why Is Miami Popular For Art Collectors?

Miami is a large and growing city that has many people coming through for their vacations every year. It has grown such that it offers a number of services and perks to the visitor that will make their stay more exciting, and they often come to see a more beautiful side of the world. Fashion, art and music are thriving in the city.

Everyone who comes to Miami to collect art will find the city quite enlightening as they will visit a place that gives them endless possibilities when they wish to invest. Each piece of art has been created to help someone save their money in a wise manner, and artists are selling direct to celebrities who visit the city for this purpose.

25 Apr

The nonpartisan Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability has been released and has caused a lot of bluster. The program is designed to bring new investment capital into areas that are struggling. The Government Oversight Committee has commissioned an OPEGA report to get all the facts. The report showed that the taxpayers in Maine have received solid investments from the program.

For every dollar places into the Maine New Markets Tax Credit program, the state has generated $21.67 in their gross state products. This measures the state’s economic activity including taxes, sales and other activities. The direct numbers have been exceptional. Every single dollar invested resulted in in state spending of $1.19.

The OPEGA reports the program will bring in a revenue gain of $15.8 million for the budget of the state from 2013 until 2021. This money will be a community investment and fund programs critical to the state.

The reports also showed an incredibly positive impact on the workforce. A total of 764 permanent jobs in Maine were either retained or created. Additionally, 1,000 indirect jobs were either saved or created. If it were not for the New Markets Capital Investment Program these jobs would not exist.

OPEGA found a timelier approach is required in understanding investment projects. They also found some of the programs idiosyncrasies that need adjustments to make future investments even more profitable. One of the main criticisms is that the tax credits are going to companies based out of state. This is considered a backwards criticism since economic development requires investments from other states. This money helps to grow the economy and without the funds stagnation is the result.

The report from OPEGA showed most of the investments made were by investors who had never placed their money in Maine before. This is exceptionally good news for the state. The economy in Maine is struggling and smart thinking and hard work are needed to create more jobs within the state. The report showed the New Markets Capital Investment Program is an excellent way to help achieve this goal. The solid return rate is having a positive impact in the success of the communities. As the upgrades are implemented and the program moves into the future Maine will be well served for many years.

27 Mar

IGY Marinas (Island Global Yachting Marinas) has broadened its Florida marina holdings with the opening of One Island Park – Miami Beach. The super yacht locale on Miami Beach’s Terminal Island is a sign of the company’s intended growth strategy in Florida.

Tom Mukamal, IGY Marinas chief executive officer, commented in a statement that One Island Park – Miami Beach will not only enable the company to draw attention to its services but will also appeal to even larger vessels.

The marina has the capacity for private vessels up to 222 meters or 730 feet in length and a depth of 12 meters or 40 feet as well as dockside electricity. In addition, the marina is exempt from Captain of the Port (COTP) zone regulations, which means vessels can arrive and depart without advance notice. It is situated nearby the U.S. Coast Guard Station. The marina is also located close to Miami’s trendy shops as well as dining, restaurants and leisure activities.

Located on site, concierge BWA Yachting provides the vessels with support services that range from last minute specialized concierge requests to the handling of a single port call. Furthermore, the company announced Gili Wojnowich would take on the position of general manger of One Island Park – Miami Beach.

Wojnowich handled the responsibility of making direct support available to the company’s decision makers as well as presenting detailed examination and underwriting assistance in his most recent position as operations manager for IGY Marinas corporate. He had previously worked as general manager for several IGY marina locations including Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina in New York and Marina at Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas.

One Island Park – Miami Beach will also take part in IGY Marinas global community outreach program, Inspire Giving Through You. The philanthropy program brings volunteers together to give back to the local communities and non-profit organizations that surround the marinas where the company operates.

IGY Marinas, which was launched in 2005 and founded by Andrew Farkas, specializes in servicing and managing luxury-yacht marinas worldwide. The company carries its business out in Colombia, Mexico, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Panama and Turks & Caicos as well as in the US.

16 Feb

The 2011 Ideas Festival was hosted by United Emirates Ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba and his wife Abeer at Nobu Matsuhisa. The Festival was held in honor of Walter Isaacson who was the CEO President of Aspen Institute. It was a private business dinner by invitation only. The event attracted numerous guests in an array of fields from factory work to media. The chef of the hour was Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. The event was sponsored by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic.

The event was held to discuss an array of topics from 9/11 to green technology to the meaning of happiness. Many significant leaders included Alan Greenspan, Sandra Day O’Connor and Robert Putnam. Among the topics address included the rise of the Tea Party in the 2011 elections and other imminent changes that could affect the future of American Policy.

The AIF (Aspen Ideas Festival) Blog that year was titled How Refugee Children Envision the Future. In it, Lina Sergie Attar spoke about life in Syria. Attar’s family moved to Syria from upstate New York when Attar was just 12 years old. She described Syria being so war-torn that families make refugee camps their home and the children there cannot imagine their futures without it. In Syria, compared to the U.S., citizens are expected to submit to authority down to the letter. Attar has since founded the Karam Foundation, which is designed to provide aide to Syrian refugees.

Some other ideas discussed during the festival were preventing gun tragedy in schools, educating students more holistically for success, bridging the gap between the working wealthy and machines that can “craft smarter”.

In the prevention of gun tragedies, Perri Peltz, Maria Cuomo Cole and Nicole Hockley stated that, on average, 95 people are killed due to gun violence and six of those are in their teens or younger. Nicole Hockley’s six-year-old son was killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy, which motivated her to found the Sandy Hook Promise. Maria Cuomo Cole is a film producer whose documentaries have focused on social issues such as PTSD and gun violence. If that’s not an idea worth promoting, then one has to wonder what is.

In Beyond Test Scores, Shirley Brandman, Tom Shriver, Pamela Cantor and Jim Shelton discuss the fact that too many schools are missing the true point of educating children. This is due to the fact that schools still emphasize only the academics and this is not working anymore. As a result, social and emotional competencies need to be emphasized as well.

13 Feb

Becoming a private art collector in Miami is quite an important investment strategy for anyone who has quite a lot of money. Someone who is collecting art in the city will find it possible to use a new artist who makes the style of art they love. The love of art is a fine reason to collect, and someone who is learning how to collect art will pick up information they need in this article. The artists who populate Miami are collected by amazing people who include celebrities who are coming to the city for their vacations.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of Collecting Art?

Collecting art is a way for people like George Lindemann to invest money, and the money is quite safe as art will increase in value over the years. The art that has been collected may be displayed or sold at any time. Someone who has quite a lot of time to hold their art will make money, or they may sell at auction for a short-term profit.

#2: Who Is Collecting Art In Miami?

Alicia Keys and other stars have come to Miami to collect art. Leonardo DiCaprio comes to the city for his trips away from the set, and he often purchases art because he wishes to fill his homes with some beautiful. He may pass his art on to his children, or he may sell his art at any time for a profit. The investment is far more stable than using the stock market, and there are many other actors and wealthy business people who do the same.

#3: What Sort Of Art Is Made?

There are quite a few people who are searching for art that is made in a particular style, and those who are searching for certain types of art will find it with people who create sculpture or paintings. The paintings are most-common, and sculpture is something that may be interesting to those who have quite a lot of space to display. There is a place where the buyer may come to find the best art, and they will buy reliably on every trip.

The finest art in Miami is made by people who are created many different people who are committed to their craft. The craft of building art for sale is interesting as it is a business for the artist, and it is a form of investment for someone with money to spend.

10 Jan

Recently, National Harbor Marina has been acquired by IGY Marinas. The acquisition of this marina allows IGY to offer its services to the Washington D.C. area for the first time, making the deal of great consequence for the company.

IGY has a targeted expansion strategy in place, and has had its eye on National Harbor. The marina has become a significant tourism terminus and source for new development projects, making it an ideal target for expansion opportunities. Alongside Chairman Andrew Farkas, IGY CEO Tom Mukamal claims that National Harbor has been a top priority because of the high success of the development in the area. The marina can also provide significant potential as destination for yachting. Mukamal is excited to work with the area’s stake holders and their partners to make National Harbor a yachting top location for the nation’s capital.

IGY will immediately begin implementing its services and operations within National Harbor Marina. They will also use their existing relationships in hopes of raising the profile of the marina through special events and philanthropic initiatives.

National Harbor offers special feature and is known in the area for their excellent customer service. It has over 70 floating dock slips that can quarter yachts over 150 feet long, and up to a draft of 9-feet. The marina also has amenities that include water and refuse bins, Wi-Fi and cable, private showers, laundry facilities, and a security gate to name a few.

IGY was founded in 2005 and the company has the focus of acquiring, managing and servicing marinas and the real estate properties that surround them. IGY is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but also has offices in St. Thomas and New York City. Their network of properties has set new standards in nautical tourism all over the globe. The have an unrivaled collection of marinas that cater to a plethora of vessel types like cruisers, sailing, motor yachts, and sport fishers.

IGY is a participant in 10 of the world’s biggest fishing tournaments, making some of their marina locations highly desired. Their locations are renowned for their levels of service. IGY’s service division has a wide variety portfolio that provides solutions for each and every owner including accounting, insurance, development, branding and marketing, and design and engineering. The company even has in-house staff members with the expertise to help their clients.

They approach every situation as if they are owners themselves. IGY has a complete understanding in managing local relationships and logistics. IGY is an affiliate of Island Capital Group, LLC.

6 Dec

Trans fats are something we’ve heard about for years and it’s been surrounded by much controversy. The good news is; the government is stepping in to relieve the public of the harmful effects of trans fats in the food. According to a story covered by NBC news the goal is to remove nearly all trans fats out of the public food arena and, reduce coronary heart disease. This means less fatal heart attacks every year. This is big news for the US. The US is one of the largest consumers of trans fats in the world and, most people are unaware of how much they consume per year.

What are trans fats?

For those who are a bit confused about what trans fats are we’ll give you the explanation used in the NBC story. Trans fats are turned into solids from liquid oils when they are hydrogenated. The issue is, people mistake this as a healthy substitute for butter or lard when in fact it’s just as harmful if not worse. So, the positive point is, we now know better and someone is out there working for the public in this arena.

According to the FDA’s Dr. Susan Mayne, ”what is good for extending shelf-life is not what’s good for extending human life.” That is a great way of putting it, right to the point and, very true.
So what’s the change?

There will be a lot more changes on the horizon but, one of the most important changes is, the food producers will have to ask the FDA for permission to use trans fats. Margaret Hamburg, former FDA Commissioner played an integral role in the initiative.

Who’s responsible for starting this long awaited action?

The non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest is the organization that sued and forced the FDA to move on this issue. This is a victory for the public who are consuming foods each day especially is the underprivileged sector. Cheaper foods are typically riddled with trans fats because they keep food longer.

28 Nov

Miami is well known for its beaches,clubs, George Lindemann, and music. Unless one lives there or is a frequent visitor,they do not know about the popular art scene. While there are currently no publicly owned art collections, there are private collectors who choose to share their collections with the public. These collectors have brought attention to appreciation for modern day art. Contemporary artists also receive more recognition this way. The most successful of collectors showcase their pieces during the Miami’s annual Art Basel. Art brings many different people together and celebrities that have been seen at the event include everyone from Rose McGowan to Sylvester Stallone and Kanye West.

The showcases would not be possible without the private collectors. One of the most successful of collectors is billionaire Martin Margulies. His warehouse contains such pieces as sculptures and installation work. He has made a living from being a property developer and doesn’t feel the desire to sell any of the artwork he has accumulated over the last thirty years.

The Rubell Family have been in business since 1964 but did not open their Miami warehouse until 1994. Their collection today features pieces by such artists as Jeff Koons and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Norman and Irma Braman are known for their collection of classic American artwork. The couple recently decided to fully fund the construction of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami. The Braman’s have invested much of their fortune in art.

Those are just a few of the art collectors known for bringing attention to the art scene in Miami. When residents are not at the beach or partying, they should visit one of the privately owned collections opened to the public. They never know what they may discover when admiring. Art should be an essential to anyone’s home, whether classic or contemporary. There is always a place for art.

22 Nov

A commencement speech affirms your graduation into the new world. Attending college is a thirst for knowledge and each year, a commencement speaker reminds you that your thirst for knowledge doesn’t have to stop with your graduation. Your hard work and dedication should guide you to help reach your dreams and goals. Speakers encourage graduates to take their commencement into the future and never stop learning. You’ll new embark a journey into a world outside of college that thrives on your ability to keep learning and be willing to grow. Some of the most prominent graduation speakers this year include:

President Barack Obama
The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, gave a historical commencement speech at Howard University this year. As the leader of this country, he went on to encourage the future leaders of tomorrow. He was very personal with the audience ensuring them that he knew it took a long hard road to get there. He affirmed how college has allowed some to gain lifelong friends and others to discover what they are truly made of. As a strong believer in the progress of humankind he encouraged the new graduates to do the same. In addition, President Obama encouraged them to embark on their special responsibilities and to seek the spirit of achievement. He received a well-deserved standing ovation for his commencement speech.

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba gave a heartfelt speech at the New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus. Stressing the importance of uniting the United States and the UAE his speech further reinforced his efforts to improve the bond between the two countries. The ambassador was selected to his stance on the value of openness. Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba’s speech encouraged graduates to embark on the new world with peace, diversity, and tolerance for all people.

Larry Ellison
Founder of the Oracle, Larry Ellison, gave a moving commencement speech at the University of Southern California. In his speech, he advised the 2016 graduates to pursue their dreams. He offered up advice that he learned from Steve Jobs who was a good friend of his for over 30 years. Larry Ellison also encouraged the graduates to be committed to the improvement of the lives of others throughout their work after graduating. He noted achievements throughout life are as valuable as academic success.

6 Sep

Following a substantial donation, the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami Health System (UHealth) recently honored the Soffer Family. The charitable gift, given to the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at the University of Miami make research, education, and clinical care possible. To honor the Soffer Family, the Clinical Research Center has been renamed the Don Soffer Clinical Research Center. Don Soffer was joined by his children, Jeffrey and Jackie Soffer at the ground breaking. This name change marks the possibilities that are now possible through the gift, and recognize the incredible community that has formed around the Miller School of Medicine.

Founded six years ago, the Miller School of Medicine is just one part of the UHealth System, but the ability to educate is vital to the University. Present at the celebration were current and past students, faculty, and community leaders, all there to support the university and the new goals it has set with the funds that were made.

In addition to supporting new research happening at the research center, the money donated will also go to building a new center of education that will complete the campus’ medical center. This medical education building broke ground on the same day as the renaming celebration and puts the University of Miami and the Miller School of Medicine at the forefront of medical education.

School leaders noted that having access to, and being able to provide students, doctors, and patients with access to, education resources, research facilities, and areas to practice care make for a fully sustainable health center. It also makes the university a healthy competitor among health centers and educational institutions.

Drawings of the new building to come were part of the unveiling, and on hand for guests to view. New technology, access to more medical resources, and a new auditorium are the most prominent features to be added to campus within this new space. The Soffer family gave $25M to the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute earlier this year, in what is the largest donation the Institute has received. The majority of the funds will go to continuing stem cell research already being conducted, as well as funding new research. Stem cell research is important to creating therapies in the fields of aging, sports injuries, and cardiology, which doctors at UHealth specialize in.