7 Jul

Americans are realizing how unhealthy we have become and we are ready to do something about it. Part of being healthier means eating healthier. Naturally, though, we still love our sweetness. How do we get the good stuff in without sacrificing taste? We Juice! Research firm Mintel notes that the juicing industry has risen 120% from 2010 to 2015. This is a result of needing the quickness of a fast food restaurant but the taste of something much better.

Beyond taste, there are health benefits from juicing. Getting a juice off the shelf might not be the best solution but fresh juices contain all the benefit from the fruits and vegetables that went into the recipe. It even pulls nutrients out that are hard to get to when eating the fruit or vegetable by removing the insoluble fiber allowing for increased absorption of enzymes. The concern maybe all the sugar that juice has in it, yet that depends on what the person is drinking. Going 80% vegetables and 20% fruit will eliminate a lot of the sugar. Where can we find great juicing places around the United States? Here are three great options.

OnJuice Bar in Miami, Florida has a store right in Aventura Mall. Overseen by Jackie Soffer, Aventura Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the United States. Each of their 16.9-ounce bottles contains up to two pounds’ worth of fruits or vegetables. If you live in the Miami area, they also deliver. If you do not, they deliver overnight via Fed Ex. It comes in a thermal tote in order to keep the juice cold and as fresh as possible!

24 Jun

An executive position can’t be vacant for long. The job is simply too important to just wait for the right person to see an ad and apply. Not to mention the fact that many applicants are sometimes inexperienced in the field they are applying for. These are just some of the worries that good staffing firms like Executive Search, Recruiting and Staffing Firms, or DC Recruiters, can take care of.

The following are a few tips that can help companies find the right executive recruitment team.

Tips to Find the Right Executive Recruitment Team

The first thing you should find out is how the recruitment team searches for a candidate. There are two basic ways to conduct a search; one is to simply post a few ads on a job board that is specific to a company’s business and the other is to actively recruit. Obviously, a company will do better with a recruitment team that actively searches for viable candidates.

Gary Burnison for example, as an active recruiter will identify viable candidates by assessing their talents and matching them with a company’s needs. The recruiter will then approach or contact the executive and present them with the offer.

It is important to find a recruitment firm that gives the company direct access to the recruiter that will be handling the case. This is important to ensure that the recruiter understands the needs of the client throughout the entire process. The company should also be able to produce the kind of experience or credentials that makes the recruiter ideal for the company who is hiring the firm. This means that the recruiter should have some link to the company’s specific business.

Another important aspect to consider is how long they take to fill a position. This is something that a recruitment firm should be able to produce since they probably have already filled many positions for other DC companies before. Of course, this does not mean that the recruitment firm will fill the position overnight, but having an estimate should make it easier to compare with other possible recruitment firms. Another important question to consider is the recruitment firm’s retention rate. This rate highlights just how many executives stayed in their positions over a 12-month period versus how many did not work out.

It is clear to see just how important it is to ask the right questions when hiring a recruitment firm to ensure that the position is filled quickly and by the right person.

16 Jun

Miami, the bustling hot city of Florida is a mecca of culture for those who know where to look. Some of the biggest art collectors like Lindemann reside there and thankfully put their prizes on display for the pleasure of the viewing public.

The De la Cruz Contemporary Art Space
Carlos and Rosa De la Cruz host their completely free contemporary art display in the De la Cruz Contemporary art space, which houses a vast collection of works by artists such as Aaron Curry, Kathryn Andrews and Jim Hodges. The De la Cruzes have also opened their home to the public by appointment, where patrons can see their behind-the-scenes private collection.

Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation
The CIFO is a non-profit organization started by Ella Cisneros-Fontanals, which helps fledgling artists pursue their careers in the contemporary arts. They make grants and financing available to those who apply and the space also holds the Cisneros-Fontanals private collection of modern art, available to the public.

The Craig Robins Collection at Dacra
An office building in the design district is home to this famous collection that permanently features artists like Richard Tuttle and John Baldessari. Over 200 works of art are on display, mostly built around Mexican, German, Chinese and American contributing artists. This collection is a real treat that shouldn’t be missed.

The Rubell Family
Much like CIFO, the Rubell Family has provided a double whammy of an art collection in combination with a school of sorts that helps young artists. The private collection includes works by the artists Taft Green, Patrick Hill, Evan Holloway, David Ireland, Alice Könitz, Lisa Lapinski, Charles Long, Jason Meadows, Jeff Ono, Robert Overby, Torbjörn Vejvi, Nicolau Vergueiro, and John Williams, among others. The foundation has recently received a large influx of art from Boston as well.

The Marguiles Collection
Martin Marguiles has amassed a large collection in the Wynwood art district. His large display space, called “The Warehouse”, contains videos, photography and sculpture, collected since the 1990’s. His permanent installations are guaranteed to awe and inspire any art lover.

These are just a few of the more well-known art collectors of Miami, and only in the contemporary art scene. There are hundreds of other collectors that specialize in different time periods and movements. All in all, Miami is an art lover’s dream.

10 Jun

The Perez Art Museum of Miami’s art collection has just increased in size thanks to generous donations. The PAMM recently received 100 works of art donated by Jorge Perez, the namesake for this contemporary art museum. Perez is a Miami resident with roots in Latin America, and his collection and home express his cultured tastes.

The PAMM has a new head of operations, Franklin Sirmans, and the patrons of PAMM are very excited, and the collection shows it with the addition of donated works by Perez and others.

An additional 100 pieces were recently given to the PAMM by real estate power couple, Craig Robins and Jackie Soffer (wsj.com). Robins like many in the Miami art community is very excited to have Sirmans taking over the helm at PAMM. Sirmans seems to be at home in this exciting city that represents the best of the Americas.

Miami has been in need of an exciting contemporary art museum to rival galleries and art museum like the Hirshorn in Washington; D.C. Miami is a new city with a strong cultural background when compared to art centers of the world; Paris, Rome, London. Moscow, and New York. But with the energies of Miami, it could rapidly become on par and surpass the other art capitals. The city of Miami has done everything right in situating the PAMM in a prominent location and should help the city to elevate its position as a tourist destination for art lovers as well as beach lovers.

Miami has become an international destination. Long regarded as a tourist destination known for great beaches and warm ocean surf. It is regarded as a perfect place to live, work and enjoy everything that a great city can offer: professional baseball and football, an annual world-class tennis tournament, off-shore fishing, and skin diving. Florida has a history of not being affected by drastic economic slumps. Residents enjoy a nearly perfect climate and a thriving entertainment community with fine restaurants, even public transportation for tourists. Miami citizens and guests have all the requisite items necessary for a Shangri-La with the possible exception of tropical storms, hurricanes, and a rising sea level.

Perez and Robins have made great contributions to the culture of Miami, and now it is up to Sirmans to continue the PAMM on its way to becoming the central point in the Miami cultural world.

10 Jun

Utility stocks, best-known as safe havens for dividend-conscious retirees, have been on a tear. In the year’s first three months, the Dow Jones utility average returned 16.7% (including dividends), making it the quarter’s third-best performing asset category, behind only lean hogs (35.2%) and gold (16.5%).

But the surge in utility shares means many of the stocks are now richly valued and vulnerable to a broad market correction or to a rise in interest rates. The average utility in Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index trades at 18 times estimated 2016 earnings, compared with an average price-earnings ratio of 16 over the past two years and with 17 for the S&P 500 itself, according to FactSet Research Systems. “Dividends are secure and should grow, but prices could rise and fall sharply in this environment” of ultra-low interest rates and elevated valuations, says Morningstar analyst Travis Miller.

And that means you have to take a careful look at your mission when you invest in this sector, says Katrina Lamb, head of investment strategy and research at MV Financial, a money-management firm in Bethesda, Md. If your primary goal is to generate income, these stocks can still play a role in your portfolio. With yields ranging from 3% to 4%, utility stocks pay about one to two percentage points more than 10-year Treasury bonds.

But if your primary goal is safety, you should approach this sector with caution. Because the stocks owe at least part of their popularity to a dearth of other income options, they could be more vulnerable than normal to a jump in interest rates–or even the threat of rising rates. If the stocks do sell off because of rate fears, says Miller, it could be an opportunity to snap up shares at better prices. Here are seven utility stocks worth considering.

Check out the list here.

Source: yahoo.com

10 Jun

You’ve probably heard of oil diffusers and are wondering if they really live up to the hype. Hailed as having multiple health and aromatherapy benefits, diffusing essential oils truly is an efficient way to enhance your home’s atmosphere and ward off certain illnesses. Here are 10 reasons why you should have a diffuser in your home.

  1. Your home can become a healthier environment if you diffuse essential oils. Eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint are especially helpful at helping you breathe easier and they’re popular during cold and flu season.
  2. It’s a great way to help you sleep, especially if you’re looking to avoid prescription and over the counter sleep aids. Placing essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, or clary sage into a diffuser can coax you to sleep at bedtime, relieve stress, and fill your space with a soothing scent.
  3. Essential oils, such as vanilla, rose, and jasmine, can help change the mood of your space. If you’ve had a hard day, put a relaxing scent into your oil diffuser. Feeling lethargic? Choose something energizing, such as grapefruit essential oil.
  4. Diffusers can add a touch of decor to your home. Companies such as Mannatech (Faceboook.com) sell oil diffusers that are attractive enough to match any decor.
  5. Better productivity is possible through aromatherapy. Essential oils including peppermint and eucalyptus have been proven to sharpen focus and boost concentration, making diffusers perfect for home offices or anywhere that you’d like to work or study.
  6. It’s cost effective to own an oil diffuser, and they use a very small amount of energy.
  7. Because they require no heat or flame, oil diffusers are safer than candles and incense. Diffusers also work well in homes with children or pets.
  8. Diffusers provide a versatile way to experience aromatherapy benefits. You can switch up the style of your oil diffusers and change the types of scents that you use to suit your mood or the occasion.
  9. Essential oils can discourage insects from hanging around. Moths, mosquitoes, and house flies don’t like essential oils, including lemongrass, rosemary, and cedarwood.
  10. It’s a healthy home fragrance option. Candles and aerosol sprays aren’t great for the environment or your lungs, but diffusing natural essential oils is a wonderful way to give your home a nice scent. You can even create a signature scent for your house by mixing your favorite oils.
31 May

The Miami Retail Renaissance of 2016 was an event held in the sunny city of Miami for everyone working in the retail trade. Retail businesses in the Miami area are attempting to expand to as many places as possible, and members of the industry attended to learn as much about the current retail market as possible. This article explains why the Miami Retail Renaissance was such an important event for the denizens of Miami.

#1: Who Spoke?
The Retail Renaissance was attended by everyone who is someone in the Miami retail industry, and the event hosted several speakers who cover many industries. The keynote speakers of the event included Terranova Corporation’s Stephen Bittel, Turnberry Associates’ Jackie Soffer (miaminewtimes.com), Steven Gretenstein of DACRA, and more. Each speaker shared their knowledge of the retail industry, and the talks from the speakers offered a wide swath of information from real estate, retail selling, retail construction and retail advertising.

#2: Why Is Retail Exploding In Miami?
Miami is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. There are hundreds of celebrities in the city at any one time, and there are hundreds more who make their homes in the area. The celebrity buying power brings with it other wealthy people who wish to hob-knob with the most important and influential people in the world. Miami attracts everyone of importance in the world, and the city must have enough retail shopping opportunities for celebrities, their wealthy friends and the tourists who trail behind them.

#3: Why Is Construction Or Expansion Important?
Real estate and construction was discussed at the event because retail buildings must be developed or built from scratch. A company that wishes to expand must have the information needed to create a proper construction project. Everyone who spoke at the event has been involved in the development and opening of retail spaces, and their talks enlightened guests about the process of opening a new space.

The Retail Renaissance Miami Summit of 2016 brought together the most progressive minds in retail with their development, real estate and construction partners. Every speaker brought information to the table that helped Miami residents make better construction or development choices, and the industry will continue to expand as Miami remains the most popular destination for the trendsetters of the day. There is not a single wealthy person in the world who has not passed through the city, and their buying power makes Miami a much stronger presence in the retail industry in 2016 and beyond.

26 May

There are many people who are skeptical about going to boarding school. Not only are students scared of the idea, but parents are also iffy about sending their child away. United States Premiere Boarding Schools have set out to change not only the student’s mind about attending their boarding school, but also their parent’s minds. On their website, they have listed the benefits of going away to their boarding school.
One of the first few benefits that the premiere boarding schools have listed is getting to live away from home. This is one of the things that scare most people out of attending a boarding school. However, this is presenting an outstanding opportunity for students because it is helping them gain a sense of independence in addition to gaining responsibility. The students who attend one of the premiere boarding schools are forced to make decisions on their own and to act without their parents. This is one of the school’s top benefits simply because it is helping to prepare the student for living on college campuses while also preparing them for adulthood in general.
Another benefit to going away to a premiere boarding school in the United States is that the student will be surrounded by other students who are education driven and who have their sights set on college. Since these students are always on campus, they are influenced to study harder since they have all of the resources readily available to them. There are also a lot of study groups and tutors available to the students. It is very safe to say that students will definitely be stretching their academic plate as far as it could possibly stretch.
There are many premiere boarding schools that are accepting students across the country. A website just recently wrote an article about 50 of the most elite boarding schools in the United States. One of the schools that is listed is in Ashville, North Carolina. The average SAT score for that school is 1905, which is pretty high. That shows that the students attending this school are insanely dedicated to their academics. The boarding school that is number one on the list is Phillips Exeter Academy, which is located in New Hampshire. The average SAT score for this school is 2107, which again shows even more dedication to academics and success. Other schools with prominent test scores include St. George’s School and West Nottingham Academy, among many more.
There are so many boarding schools around the United States that are all focused on readying their students for college. This is not the only benefit though. Boarding schools can also give the student a chance to be independent and responsible since they will not be living with their parents. Overall, boarding schools are a great choice for students who are ready to focus hard on their academics.

19 May

Skin care essentials are frequently on top of the list for most women with a variety of products that gives that deeper shade, lifts saggy areas and even level out skin tones and textures. These are the products that women should not live without in order to maintain beautiful and youthful complexions. Every woman that is looking for the next big thing to take care of their skin and keep it refreshed, these products should be a priority for them:

  1. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
    Remember a large percentage of your skin is made up of water therefore before going out to dance all night and have all sorts of fun with your friends apply this treatment mask that is filled with Pitera, a brand signature of the Japanese comprised mainly of vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is advised to put on this cotton mask for about 20 minutes before you go out to keep your skin hydrated all night.
  2. Mannatech’s Uth Advanced Skin Matrix Rejuvenation Crème
    This product allows your skin maintain its beauty and stay rejuvenated. It is laced with a patented microsphere delivery system that turns back the clock for your skin and nourishes it leaving you with a healthy, youthful skin. This new pattern enhances the rate at which your skin produces skin cells naturally sourced from glycans that features Mannatech’s (http://www.allaboutmannatech.com/) renowned Manapol® powder.
  3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen
    Sunscreen is one those necessities you should carry around in your fancy handbag as most sunscreens work and last for only a few hours. Every day should be a sunscreen day and for most dermatologists Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer is the way. Supply your regular places such as the office, home and even a friend’s place with several bottles of sunscreen just in case you need some. Apply the sunscreen each day 20 minutes before leaving the house.
  4. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil
    We all have different types of skin; some have oily skins while others dry skin and therefore various skin cleansers have different results. You may find your skin cleanser is making you dry up more than usual and here is where the Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil comes in handy. It helps in removing make up and when used several times in a week this product has the ability to brighten, add and retain moisture to your skin.
15 Mar

There’s a reason dream jobs are called dream jobs — they are easy to fantasize over, but difficult to obtain.

I started my company FindSpark to empower millennials to realize that although dream jobs take a lot of hard work to land, it is very possible if you put in the right type of work, and take the right steps in the process.

Millennials are creating their careers in a time when it’s easier than ever before to learn, network and discover opportunities.

Below are some of my biggest tips for millennials to capitalize on and create opportunities for themselves.

Make your own experience

Gone are the days where you have to wait to be offered an opportunity to learn a new skill or develop experience. When faced with job descriptions where you consistently feel you lack a certain experience that will make you an ideal or standout candidate, it’s up to you to take the experience to develop it on your own.

Is there a certain social media platform or software program missing from your skill set section? Watch YouTube tutorials or invest in an online course.

Never had the opportunity to manage the strategy or launch of a brand? Start your own e-commerce store or blog, or manage one for a friend or family member.

Whatever skill set you want to grow, become a freelancer and use those skills on the side or while in between jobs. Launch a simple website and add that you’re an independent consultant on LinkedIn. Learn by doing.

I find that people often have issues giving themselves permission to be an authority. As long as you’re honest about your skill level and what you can offer as a freelancer, you can get started. Start small and find clients through your network, which I’ll talk more about next.

Read the rest of the tips here.

Source: nydailynews.com