12 Feb

Miami: An Art Collector Haven

Miami, Florida is a sunny metropolis that’s known for gorgeous beaches, fashionable locals, stunning weather, George Lindemann, and a thriving art scene. People who want to acquire A+ works of art in the Gateway to the Americas don’t have to search long. Avid art collectors can have a blast in this city. There are many options available to people who are looking to purchase artwork. People who want to collect like Ronald Lauder and Steve Wynn should have zero issues in Miami.


Art purchases in Miami don’t have to be significant investments. They can actually be pretty budget-friendly. People who don’t want to spend a fortune on art in Miami can always head to Elemental located at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. This design boutique is more than just a shop that sells souvenirs. It’s chock-full of eye-catching and mesmerizing pieces of art. People who can’t take their eyes off exciting and dynamic prints often are drawn to Elemental.

Koto Miami

Koto Miami is a Lincoln Road destination that embraces art enthusiasts from all different parts of the city. This unassuming gift shop is remarkable for a wealth of good reasons. People who admire art pieces that are fresh, contemporary and thought-provoking all at the same time won’t be able to resist the items that are accessible for purchase at Koto Miami. It sells everything from wall hangings to tiny figurines and beyond.

Haitian Art Factory

Fans of art pieces that are exotic and compelling often can’t say no to the pleasures of the Haitian Art Factory. This store is a favorite among Miami’s most eager art lovers. People who savor the magnificence of African and Caribbean artwork are sure to love this place. People who are intrigued by Haitian artwork specifically are sure to adore it to pieces as well.


People who want to buy art in the center of Miami can always rely on Frangipani. This store focuses on more than just art as well. It also has a fine selection of products that fit into various other categories including housewares. People who appreciate designs that are sustainable are certain to love Frangipani and all that it represents. It also makes a fine shop for people who are looking to purchase sturdy and elegant sculptures of all varieties. Frangipani is yet another Miami art shop that has economical prices on its side.