28 Sep

Most people are fully aware of that the FDA started trying to eliminate potentially harmful trans fats from foods many years ago. The idea was to eventually eliminate them entirely, but that is something that is taking much longer than anticipated to achieve. In fact, for a very long while it seemed as though nothing more was going to be done with it and that the individual foods that had previously had trans fats removed would be the only ones that would undergo those changes. However, the FDA is now moving to completely banish all trans fats from food sold in the United States.

Why is this important? Essentially, there has been a lot of research done over the past several years that suggests that trans fats are more harmful to an individual’s physical well-being than other ingredients. The problem is, trans fats were initially in just about everything that was purchased from a store that was not homemade. As a result, everything from potato chips to cinnamon rolls to butter and even vegetable oil contained trans fats. This meant that wide sweeping changes had to occur and in turn, this meant that a lot of money was likely to be spent in an attempt to rid products of trans fats.

Perhaps that is one reason why the initial efforts took so long to occur. However, as more research has been developed and that initial wave of foods was produced without trans fats, it became more obvious that individuals would continue to buy products even when trans fats were no longer included. The initiative was pushed along by former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. Initially, there was some pushback on the part of consumers because the absence of trans fat sometimes changed the texture or the appearance of foods, ever so slightly. What consumers were really afraid of was that it was going to change the taste or make the product more expensive. However, that has really not been the case so there is not near as much push back as there once was. In fact, consumers are now far more interested in consuming healthier products than they are with appearance or texture.

All of this makes it easier to get rid of trans fats in their entirety. Therefore, consumers can expect this particular item on the ingredients list to go away completely in the relatively near future. Like anything else, it takes a certain amount of time for the changes to be complete. With that being said, the FDA is already well on its way to making this a reality.