19 May

The easiest way to review the famous skyscrapers of New York City is to take a look at them starting from the tallest and working downward from there, as that is the only way to go from such heights. The metropolis is home to many great landmarks of architecture, and any tourist wanting to be able to say that they have truly seen what the city has to offer will have to have visited at least some of these buildings during their trip.

The tallest skyscraper in the vicinity at this point in time (2017) is the One World Trade Center (1776ft tall) which was built in 2012 as a replacement for the North Tower of the original World Trade Center complex which was destroyed by terrorists in 2001. There is a nice conglomerate of organizations which lay claim to owners of the One World Trade Center building. First, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey hold principal ownership while 5% ownership was transferred to the Durst Organization. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra as well as Olivia Wilde are just two of the many celebrities who have been spotted here.

432 Park Avenue (1396 feet) holds the claim to the second tallest skyscraper in New York City with its completion in late 2015. Harry Macklowe is the real estate developer who owns the building which fetches an average price per square foot of over $5000. The location is an enviable one as it is between 56th and 57th Streets and this attracts some of the most high profile residents in the scene. Fawaz Al Hokair is a famous Saudi Arabian retail magnate who paid $95 million for a full-floor condo. David Chu, founder of Nautica, gave a slightly more reasonable $7.4 million for his piece of 432 Park Avenue, and many others celebrities and famous names stay there as well.

(ESRT) The Empire State Building (1250ft tall excluding the iconic antenna) long held the coveted status of tallest building in the New York, and even though the claim has since been stolen by the two listed above, the skyscraper is still New York’s third largest. The Empire State Realty Trust is the primary owner, and interesting the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) holds approximately a 10% share through investment in that trust. Mexican professional wrestler Alberto Del Rio has taken the Empire State Building tour. Aaron Curry and Aaron Tveit have also been to the top along with so many others.

Last on this list is the Bank of America Tower which is the fourth largest in the city and has a height of about 1200ft. It sits at One Bryant Park in the Midtown district of Manhattan and is owned by 3 organizations: One Bryant Park, LLC; Bank of America; and The Durst Organization. Actor Carlos Ponce and NFL star Johnny Manziel are among the celebrity sightings that have been made at the Bank of America Tower.

Any of these mentioned landmarks provide epic views of New York City that tourists should be sure not to miss. One can be certain of a good and educational time (as well as possible famous person and celebrity sightings) by putting them on the itinerary and being sure to take a ride to the top.