24 Apr

When it comes to traveling, whether for business or leisure, transportation is one of the most important aspects. In a busy place like New York City, time is key to everything. It is the city that doesn’t sleep and is constantly on the run. Regardless of the pace, when it comes to traveling, time seems to slow down a bit due to airport processes. Fortunately, there are several chartered jet services that makes it possible for the typical New Yorker or business person to save time by offering access to private jets.

Many chartered jet companies offer private jet rentals at a cost o those who aren’t yet willing to invest in their own private jet. With private charter jets, a company or individual can have access to the entire aircraft. With private jet access, individual can still carry on with their business meeting and endeavors in the air. Air Charter Service USA(ACS) is one of the companies who specializes in providing the best services for individuals in their private jet charter program.

Professionals like David Ortiz, a famous baseball player, have raved about the company’s greatness when it comes to getting to places on time. Many celebrities and other famous individuals prefer to travel through private jets. There are plenty of companies that make it a priority to provide the best services possible. PJS group is company that provides strictly private chartered jet services to many famous clients. Celebrities like Sergey Petrossov, BeyoncĂ©, The Rolling Stones and many famous athletes and award wining celebrities have flown through the company’s private jet services.

Although some companies only offer private flights, few others have made it possible for regular individuals to share a cabin in a charter jet. Some companies allow seat sharing which gives travelers the opportunity to board a private jet at a discounted price. Companies like JetSmarter, Southwest Airlines and JetSuiteX offer individuals opportunities to buy seats on their private charter jets instead of renting an entire aircraft. In some of these companies, there are programs made available for charterers to sell empty seats to customers themselves.

Overall, chartered jet companies are excellent for the individuals who value their time. Flying through the services that several companies provide helps a lot. Individuals are able to skip the TSA lines at the big airports. One can schedule a flight just hours before take off for a direct flight. A lot of private jets fly at a higher altitude than traditional aircrafts which mean faster flight. Few of them also provide transportation to and from airports. In a place like New York, these services are perfect for the individuals who are always on the run and enjoy luxury.