8 May

War Horse Cities is a real estate company in Baltimore, Maryland that was found in the year 2010 by Scott Plank who wanted to follow his aspiration in discovering how build environment can amplify the relationships and lives of people. War Horse Cities creates a wide range of projects which include:

• 150,000 square feet of retail and philanthropic public services programs which are motivated by this philosophy
• 80,000 square feet of office
• Over 850 apartments of Entertainment sites and portfolio and pipeline

Scott Plank began following his career, interest, and love for cities at the Urban Planning University of Maryland. This was followed by numerous years of traveling and then the funding of a multi-family home environment at Freddie Mac from the year 1995 to 2000.

The company is devoted to sustenance and takes part in vibrant communities by construction fantastic urban environments that are sustainable both economically and environmentally. With the assistance of the community they serve, they invest their time, competency and resources developing and programming real estate and making humanitarian long-term positive effect initiatives.

To create an exponential joint effect, every project of the War Horse Cities is built with a distinct blend of their skills and strengthening communities by connecting the residents. Some of their recent projects include

• Anthem House
• Baltimore Marine Centers
• EverFi
• Baltimore School for the Arts
• A2 Anthem House
• 1028 Market Street
• Francis Scott Key- Adopted School
• The Hall CP
• The Hall SF
• National Aquarium
• Western District Police Station
• War Horse and Foodshed

Through real estate, philanthropy and hospitality, War Horse Cities have transform cultures within communities to be socially, physically and economically stronger. The specialties in all their projects include:

• Private Equity
• Interim Activation
• Sustainable Foods
• Events and Entertainment
• Education Enhancement
• Collaborative Workspace
• Real Estate
• Hospitality
• Philanthropy
• Programming
• Investment
• Health and Wellness
• A Community Gathering Space and a Neighboring investment strategy.

The War Horse Cities, Anthem house apartment building are currently looking for persons to fill some positions like restaurant chef, sous chef, restaurant general manager and a social media and multimedia intern. With their many projects comes an unlimited possibility.

12 Feb

Miami: An Art Collector Haven

Miami, Florida is a sunny metropolis that’s known for gorgeous beaches, fashionable locals, stunning weather, George Lindemann, and a thriving art scene. People who want to acquire A+ works of art in the Gateway to the Americas don’t have to search long. Avid art collectors can have a blast in this city. There are many options available to people who are looking to purchase artwork. People who want to collect like Ronald Lauder and Steve Wynn should have zero issues in Miami.


Art purchases in Miami don’t have to be significant investments. They can actually be pretty budget-friendly. People who don’t want to spend a fortune on art in Miami can always head to Elemental located at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. This design boutique is more than just a shop that sells souvenirs. It’s chock-full of eye-catching and mesmerizing pieces of art. People who can’t take their eyes off exciting and dynamic prints often are drawn to Elemental.

Koto Miami

Koto Miami is a Lincoln Road destination that embraces art enthusiasts from all different parts of the city. This unassuming gift shop is remarkable for a wealth of good reasons. People who admire art pieces that are fresh, contemporary and thought-provoking all at the same time won’t be able to resist the items that are accessible for purchase at Koto Miami. It sells everything from wall hangings to tiny figurines and beyond.

Haitian Art Factory

Fans of art pieces that are exotic and compelling often can’t say no to the pleasures of the Haitian Art Factory. This store is a favorite among Miami’s most eager art lovers. People who savor the magnificence of African and Caribbean artwork are sure to love this place. People who are intrigued by Haitian artwork specifically are sure to adore it to pieces as well.


People who want to buy art in the center of Miami can always rely on Frangipani. This store focuses on more than just art as well. It also has a fine selection of products that fit into various other categories including housewares. People who appreciate designs that are sustainable are certain to love Frangipani and all that it represents. It also makes a fine shop for people who are looking to purchase sturdy and elegant sculptures of all varieties. Frangipani is yet another Miami art shop that has economical prices on its side.

19 May

There’s something grand about collecting art. When you are able to invest in pieces for your private collection, you can start a gallery, display the items in your home, or lend them to museums. If you’re a lover of art, you can become a collector with relative ease. Miami is a hot spot for artists, and you may find yourself lot some incredible pieces, which is why you may want to look into a few steps that will help you become a private art collector.

Set Up Storage Space

Before you get to anything related to picking up art, you need to have space. If you do not have a dedicated storage space for the pieces that you are going to buy, you may get stuck with pieces that you cannot transport or store. For that reason, consider purchasing a storage space that can fit the items that you may want to collect. Assess whether you want large pieces, small options, or something fragile. Once you decide that, get a space, you’re going to need it.

Consider the Cost

Moving forward, you’ll want to aside a price that you’re willing to invest. What are your limits? Many artists and galleries are not going to cut you a “discount” on art. Some of the best works are going to cost thousands, if not tens of thousands. Are you ready to make that type of commitment? Assess your budget, and consider what style of art, year, and price point that you want to search within. This is going to help you move forward with ease.

Visit Galleries and Network

Once you have considered the cost, and you’ve set up storage space, start to isolate Miami art galleries. Look for options throughout the city, and visit them during office hours. Prepare to network with the curators, artists, and anyone that works there. Your goal is to get friendly, and on a first name basis with everyone that you come in contact with. When you see pieces that are great, inquire about the artist and see if you can set up a meeting. If you’re looking for art from the past, this is not possible, obviously.

In the case that you’re looking to collect art from the past eras, like modern art, contemporary art, classical, cubist, or other solutions, then you will need to still explore, but since many artists from these eras aren’t around, you may need to befriend gallery owners alone. You may run into other collectors such as George Lindemann, Oprah Winfrey, Val Kilmer and Lars Ulrich, just to name a few famed art collectors.

Throw an Art Opening

After you’ve networked, and visited several galleries, throw an art opening. This can only occur after you’ve networked with galleries, and spoke to curators. After you’ve met artists, and you’ve decided to invest in their work, you can throw an art opening to not only draw attention to the work of the artist, but to showcase the works that you’ve purchased and invested in.

At the end of the day, it’s not hard to become a private art collector in Miami. It just takes a little bit of groundwork, networking, and time. Once you isolate the type of art you want, you will find many opportunities to purchase, invest, and showcase the works. Visit places like Dina Mitrani Gallery, Primary Projects, Spinello Projects, and other galleries in the Miami area to get started.

26 Apr

Finding art and collecting art in Miami is an important part of George Lindemann investment portfolio, and this article explains how celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Alicia Keys invest in art when they come to Miami. Miami is flourishing every year, and it is a city that is filled with inspiring sunshine and vistas.

#1: Who Collects Art?

Everyone who has wealth will collect art simply because it is beautiful, and they will find that the art will give them quite a lot of earning potential on each investment. Celebrities who come to the city will visit the homes of many artists they prefer to work with, and they will have a look at all the things that they may purchase.

#2: Where to Find Shops and Art

There are many shops and art galleries spread around the city. The Design District has art houses, and there are galleries in some of the nicest parts of the city. There are some who wish to shop for art passively, and there are others who will find it quite simple to visit their favored artists when they come to the city.

#3: Basel Art Festival

Basel Art Festival is one of the largest art festivals in the world, and it hosts all the finest artists in the city. They have special booths at the festival that their celebrity clients will visit, and they will ask their artists if there is something new and special they may purchase. There are quite a few people who will come to each booth, and they will see art pieces that they may wish to take home.

#4: Why Is Miami Popular For Art Collectors?

Miami is a large and growing city that has many people coming through for their vacations every year. It has grown such that it offers a number of services and perks to the visitor that will make their stay more exciting, and they often come to see a more beautiful side of the world. Fashion, art and music are thriving in the city.

Everyone who comes to Miami to collect art will find the city quite enlightening as they will visit a place that gives them endless possibilities when they wish to invest. Each piece of art has been created to help someone save their money in a wise manner, and artists are selling direct to celebrities who visit the city for this purpose.

24 Jun

An executive position can’t be vacant for long. The job is simply too important to just wait for the right person to see an ad and apply. Not to mention the fact that many applicants are sometimes inexperienced in the field they are applying for. These are just some of the worries that good staffing firms like Executive Search, Recruiting and Staffing Firms, or DC Recruiters, can take care of.

The following are a few tips that can help companies find the right executive recruitment team.

Tips to Find the Right Executive Recruitment Team

The first thing you should find out is how the recruitment team searches for a candidate. There are two basic ways to conduct a search; one is to simply post a few ads on a job board that is specific to a company’s business and the other is to actively recruit. Obviously, a company will do better with a recruitment team that actively searches for viable candidates.

Gary Burnison for example, as an active recruiter will identify viable candidates by assessing their talents and matching them with a company’s needs. The recruiter will then approach or contact the executive and present them with the offer.

It is important to find a recruitment firm that gives the company direct access to the recruiter that will be handling the case. This is important to ensure that the recruiter understands the needs of the client throughout the entire process. The company should also be able to produce the kind of experience or credentials that makes the recruiter ideal for the company who is hiring the firm. This means that the recruiter should have some link to the company’s specific business.

Another important aspect to consider is how long they take to fill a position. This is something that a recruitment firm should be able to produce since they probably have already filled many positions for other DC companies before. Of course, this does not mean that the recruitment firm will fill the position overnight, but having an estimate should make it easier to compare with other possible recruitment firms. Another important question to consider is the recruitment firm’s retention rate. This rate highlights just how many executives stayed in their positions over a 12-month period versus how many did not work out.

It is clear to see just how important it is to ask the right questions when hiring a recruitment firm to ensure that the position is filled quickly and by the right person.

10 Jun

Utility stocks, best-known as safe havens for dividend-conscious retirees, have been on a tear. In the year’s first three months, the Dow Jones utility average returned 16.7% (including dividends), making it the quarter’s third-best performing asset category, behind only lean hogs (35.2%) and gold (16.5%).

But the surge in utility shares means many of the stocks are now richly valued and vulnerable to a broad market correction or to a rise in interest rates. The average utility in Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index trades at 18 times estimated 2016 earnings, compared with an average price-earnings ratio of 16 over the past two years and with 17 for the S&P 500 itself, according to FactSet Research Systems. “Dividends are secure and should grow, but prices could rise and fall sharply in this environment” of ultra-low interest rates and elevated valuations, says Morningstar analyst Travis Miller.

And that means you have to take a careful look at your mission when you invest in this sector, says Katrina Lamb, head of investment strategy and research at MV Financial, a money-management firm in Bethesda, Md. If your primary goal is to generate income, these stocks can still play a role in your portfolio. With yields ranging from 3% to 4%, utility stocks pay about one to two percentage points more than 10-year Treasury bonds.

But if your primary goal is safety, you should approach this sector with caution. Because the stocks owe at least part of their popularity to a dearth of other income options, they could be more vulnerable than normal to a jump in interest rates–or even the threat of rising rates. If the stocks do sell off because of rate fears, says Miller, it could be an opportunity to snap up shares at better prices. Here are seven utility stocks worth considering.

Check out the list here.

Source: yahoo.com

31 May

The Miami Retail Renaissance of 2016 was an event held in the sunny city of Miami for everyone working in the retail trade. Retail businesses in the Miami area are attempting to expand to as many places as possible, and members of the industry attended to learn as much about the current retail market as possible. This article explains why the Miami Retail Renaissance was such an important event for the denizens of Miami.

#1: Who Spoke?
The Retail Renaissance was attended by everyone who is someone in the Miami retail industry, and the event hosted several speakers who cover many industries. The keynote speakers of the event included Terranova Corporation’s Stephen Bittel, Turnberry Associates’ Jackie Soffer (miaminewtimes.com), Steven Gretenstein of DACRA, and more. Each speaker shared their knowledge of the retail industry, and the talks from the speakers offered a wide swath of information from real estate, retail selling, retail construction and retail advertising.

#2: Why Is Retail Exploding In Miami?
Miami is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. There are hundreds of celebrities in the city at any one time, and there are hundreds more who make their homes in the area. The celebrity buying power brings with it other wealthy people who wish to hob-knob with the most important and influential people in the world. Miami attracts everyone of importance in the world, and the city must have enough retail shopping opportunities for celebrities, their wealthy friends and the tourists who trail behind them.

#3: Why Is Construction Or Expansion Important?
Real estate and construction was discussed at the event because retail buildings must be developed or built from scratch. A company that wishes to expand must have the information needed to create a proper construction project. Everyone who spoke at the event has been involved in the development and opening of retail spaces, and their talks enlightened guests about the process of opening a new space.

The Retail Renaissance Miami Summit of 2016 brought together the most progressive minds in retail with their development, real estate and construction partners. Every speaker brought information to the table that helped Miami residents make better construction or development choices, and the industry will continue to expand as Miami remains the most popular destination for the trendsetters of the day. There is not a single wealthy person in the world who has not passed through the city, and their buying power makes Miami a much stronger presence in the retail industry in 2016 and beyond.