12 Feb

Miami: An Art Collector Haven

Miami, Florida is a sunny metropolis that’s known for gorgeous beaches, fashionable locals, stunning weather, George Lindemann, and a thriving art scene. People who want to acquire A+ works of art in the Gateway to the Americas don’t have to search long. Avid art collectors can have a blast in this city. There are many options available to people who are looking to purchase artwork. People who want to collect like Ronald Lauder and Steve Wynn should have zero issues in Miami.


Art purchases in Miami don’t have to be significant investments. They can actually be pretty budget-friendly. People who don’t want to spend a fortune on art in Miami can always head to Elemental located at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. This design boutique is more than just a shop that sells souvenirs. It’s chock-full of eye-catching and mesmerizing pieces of art. People who can’t take their eyes off exciting and dynamic prints often are drawn to Elemental.

Koto Miami

Koto Miami is a Lincoln Road destination that embraces art enthusiasts from all different parts of the city. This unassuming gift shop is remarkable for a wealth of good reasons. People who admire art pieces that are fresh, contemporary and thought-provoking all at the same time won’t be able to resist the items that are accessible for purchase at Koto Miami. It sells everything from wall hangings to tiny figurines and beyond.

Haitian Art Factory

Fans of art pieces that are exotic and compelling often can’t say no to the pleasures of the Haitian Art Factory. This store is a favorite among Miami’s most eager art lovers. People who savor the magnificence of African and Caribbean artwork are sure to love this place. People who are intrigued by Haitian artwork specifically are sure to adore it to pieces as well.


People who want to buy art in the center of Miami can always rely on Frangipani. This store focuses on more than just art as well. It also has a fine selection of products that fit into various other categories including housewares. People who appreciate designs that are sustainable are certain to love Frangipani and all that it represents. It also makes a fine shop for people who are looking to purchase sturdy and elegant sculptures of all varieties. Frangipani is yet another Miami art shop that has economical prices on its side.

28 Jul

Miami is one of the most notable destinations for its sparkling waterfront real estate, star studded beaches, fine dining, luxury shopping, flourishing nightlife, and world renowned private art collections thanks to famed Miami art collectors like Martin Z. Marquiles of the Marguiles Collection at the Warehouse, Donald and Mera Rubell of the Rubell Family Collection and Rosa and George Lindemann, which serves as an extension of their home and proudly features a budding collection of international contemporary art.

To become an art collector in Miami requires just a few good skills like an innate ability to discern whether to purchase a work of art as well as the ability to purchase individual pieces in such a way that they create a meaningful grouping, and of course, the knowledge of where to purchase art.

Miami is home to a number of esteemed art fairs, galleries and exhibitions where collectors can purchase the art of their choice including contemporary works, traditional fine art, sculptures, glass art, paintings, fine art photography, prints and more. Some of the most notable places in Miami to buy art include:

Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami’s annual, week-long international art fair, brings together top gallerists, dealers, collectors, curators, art lovers and artists from all over, transforming Miami into the largest art market in North America. The fair features modern and contemporary art in 500,000 square feet of exhibition space, showcasing more than 250 galleries from 31 countries inside the Miami Beach Convention Center and takes place each early December.

Miami Design District

Miami Design District is home to some of the finest museums, showrooms and galleries including The Haitian Heritage Museum, Opera Gallery, Markowicz Fine Art, Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, The de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space and more. Check back often for current exhibits, artists and features on display.

Art Miami

Art Miami, notable for its superior quality, remarkable variety and modish gallery-like furnishings, begins the opening day of Art Week. During this time, thousands of curators, artists, dealers and collectors flood the Miami scene. Art Miami features the best in contemporary and modern art from more than 125 art galleries and is considered the “can’t miss” event for serious collectors, museum directors and curators.

FAAM-Fine Art Auctions Miami

FAAM, located in the Miami Design District, is the leading fine art auction house in Miami. Established by a team of globally trained experts and auctioneer Art

16 Jun

Miami, the bustling hot city of Florida is a mecca of culture for those who know where to look. Some of the biggest art collectors like Lindemann reside there and thankfully put their prizes on display for the pleasure of the viewing public.

The De la Cruz Contemporary Art Space
Carlos and Rosa De la Cruz host their completely free contemporary art display in the De la Cruz Contemporary art space, which houses a vast collection of works by artists such as Aaron Curry, Kathryn Andrews and Jim Hodges. The De la Cruzes have also opened their home to the public by appointment, where patrons can see their behind-the-scenes private collection.

Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation
The CIFO is a non-profit organization started by Ella Cisneros-Fontanals, which helps fledgling artists pursue their careers in the contemporary arts. They make grants and financing available to those who apply and the space also holds the Cisneros-Fontanals private collection of modern art, available to the public.

The Craig Robins Collection at Dacra
An office building in the design district is home to this famous collection that permanently features artists like Richard Tuttle and John Baldessari. Over 200 works of art are on display, mostly built around Mexican, German, Chinese and American contributing artists. This collection is a real treat that shouldn’t be missed.

The Rubell Family
Much like CIFO, the Rubell Family has provided a double whammy of an art collection in combination with a school of sorts that helps young artists. The private collection includes works by the artists Taft Green, Patrick Hill, Evan Holloway, David Ireland, Alice Könitz, Lisa Lapinski, Charles Long, Jason Meadows, Jeff Ono, Robert Overby, Torbjörn Vejvi, Nicolau Vergueiro, and John Williams, among others. The foundation has recently received a large influx of art from Boston as well.

The Marguiles Collection
Martin Marguiles has amassed a large collection in the Wynwood art district. His large display space, called “The Warehouse”, contains videos, photography and sculpture, collected since the 1990’s. His permanent installations are guaranteed to awe and inspire any art lover.

These are just a few of the more well-known art collectors of Miami, and only in the contemporary art scene. There are hundreds of other collectors that specialize in different time periods and movements. All in all, Miami is an art lover’s dream.