24 Apr

Grand Cayman: More Than You Can Imagine

Imagine living on a Caribbean island where the sun rises and sets on the water. A place where every indulgence is satisfied and where safety and comfort is at the forefront of your existence. A place where the living is easy, and the fun and excitement is intense.

This does not have to be a figment of your imagination as Grand Cayman has all of this and more to offer. In fact, it’s not hard to make this Grand Cayman dream a reality by owning a gorgeous, luxury Caribbean villa at Casa Luna. Life does not get any better than this.

The Ultimate Island Lifestyle
Consisting of eighteen freestanding villas that are right on the waterfront, Casa Luna Villas have an extraordinary design coupled with much-desired tranquility. The property is conveniently managed to provide you with a stress-free environment. The tropical living at Casa Luna Villas is very contemporary, and the design was influenced by historical architecture. The villas are exclusively located on the south-west shore of Grand Cayman, and in a park like setting that combines the best of Caribbean and European traditions. The landscape of the property was well thought out and brings out the best characteristics of the property. These are the components needed for an ultimate island lifestyle.

Casa Luna: Interior and Exterior
This breathtaking island resort has more than exciting beachfront homes. It is adorned with plant life, lush vegetation, a babbling brook, and even a bridge. The detached homes sit on a four-acre property, with each one slightly elevated from the other. the homes range from three to four bedrooms and are positioned to maximize the view of the sea.

The Casa Luna villas allow moderate sun exposure, and they are connected by shaded courtyards, stone staircases, and walkways that are secluded, and private. The exterior of the villas features terracotta roof tiles that accent the contemporary design of the interior. The sleek, elegant designs are varied, allow the owners a choice of interiors.

Whether you want to buy a villa for personal living, or as an investment property where you can see vast returns on your investment. Renting to vacationers who want to enjoy the island atmosphere would be well worth the investment. Consider a luxury villa at Casa Luna as your Caribbean paradise when it comes to relaxing living on your own, personal beachfront property.