31 Jul

On July 7, 2017, an anticipated change of leadership took place at the C-III Asset Management sector of C-III Capital Partners. Kevin Donahue, who has been the company’s acting president and senior managing director has stepped down to take a backseat role in the firm citing personal reasons. In an email shared with The Commercial Observer, the company noted that Barry Davis has taken over the position now as the President of the C-III Asset Management sector for C-III Capital Partners.

Donahue who had joined the firm in a management position in November of 2012, stated that he had made a personal decision “to spend more time with his family”. He stated he needed time to “recharge” and refocus more on his personal life. While he does intend to remain active in the industry to some capacity, the extent of his involvement and his future endeavors remains unclear at this moment.

Davis, who is the new acting president, joined the firm in 2010. He has served as the Chief Operating Officer of C-III Capital Partners since 2011. The company will now be run by a core management group of which Davis will lead. The core group will include Davis as President, Lindsey Wright as Senior Managing Director and Jenna Unell as the company’s General Counsel. These three will comprise the core of C-III Asset Management’s executive management team as the company moves forward with their future plans and endeavors. C-III is managed under Chairman and CEO Andrew Farkas.

In a statement released by the firm by Frank Garrison, President of C-III Capital Partners, the company acknowledged their deep appreciation for all of Kevin Donahue efforts for the firm since his hiring in 2012; “We appreciate Kevin’s many contributions to C-III Capital Partners. His leadership helped navigate the firm” citing his help was pivotal through an extraordinarily busy period for the firm.

Frank Garrison further stated his excitement as the company looks towards the future during this transition. He noted that he felt very confident with Barry Davis’s expertise, noting his appreciation for the new incoming President Barry Davis’ abilities to carry the C-III Asset Management sector to new levels of future success, “We are fortunate to have someone of Barry’s caliber.” He cited that he had the utmost confidence in Davis’ years of industry expertise as well as his time and dedication with the firm. He believed that Davis will help the firm with the transition with little disturbance and will readily help them with their future growth in the real estate industry.