8 May

War Horse Cities is a real estate company in Baltimore, Maryland that was found in the year 2010 by Scott Plank who wanted to follow his aspiration in discovering how build environment can amplify the relationships and lives of people. War Horse Cities creates a wide range of projects which include:

• 150,000 square feet of retail and philanthropic public services programs which are motivated by this philosophy
• 80,000 square feet of office
• Over 850 apartments of Entertainment sites and portfolio and pipeline

Scott Plank began following his career, interest, and love for cities at the Urban Planning University of Maryland. This was followed by numerous years of traveling and then the funding of a multi-family home environment at Freddie Mac from the year 1995 to 2000.

The company is devoted to sustenance and takes part in vibrant communities by construction fantastic urban environments that are sustainable both economically and environmentally. With the assistance of the community they serve, they invest their time, competency and resources developing and programming real estate and making humanitarian long-term positive effect initiatives.

To create an exponential joint effect, every project of the War Horse Cities is built with a distinct blend of their skills and strengthening communities by connecting the residents. Some of their recent projects include

• Anthem House
• Baltimore Marine Centers
• EverFi
• Baltimore School for the Arts
• A2 Anthem House
• 1028 Market Street
• Francis Scott Key- Adopted School
• The Hall CP
• The Hall SF
• National Aquarium
• Western District Police Station
• War Horse and Foodshed

Through real estate, philanthropy and hospitality, War Horse Cities have transform cultures within communities to be socially, physically and economically stronger. The specialties in all their projects include:

• Private Equity
• Interim Activation
• Sustainable Foods
• Events and Entertainment
• Education Enhancement
• Collaborative Workspace
• Real Estate
• Hospitality
• Philanthropy
• Programming
• Investment
• Health and Wellness
• A Community Gathering Space and a Neighboring investment strategy.

The War Horse Cities, Anthem house apartment building are currently looking for persons to fill some positions like restaurant chef, sous chef, restaurant general manager and a social media and multimedia intern. With their many projects comes an unlimited possibility.