12 Feb

Miami: An Art Collector Haven

Miami, Florida is a sunny metropolis that’s known for gorgeous beaches, fashionable locals, stunning weather, George Lindemann, and a thriving art scene. People who want to acquire A+ works of art in the Gateway to the Americas don’t have to search long. Avid art collectors can have a blast in this city. There are many options available to people who are looking to purchase artwork. People who want to collect like Ronald Lauder and Steve Wynn should have zero issues in Miami.


Art purchases in Miami don’t have to be significant investments. They can actually be pretty budget-friendly. People who don’t want to spend a fortune on art in Miami can always head to Elemental located at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. This design boutique is more than just a shop that sells souvenirs. It’s chock-full of eye-catching and mesmerizing pieces of art. People who can’t take their eyes off exciting and dynamic prints often are drawn to Elemental.

Koto Miami

Koto Miami is a Lincoln Road destination that embraces art enthusiasts from all different parts of the city. This unassuming gift shop is remarkable for a wealth of good reasons. People who admire art pieces that are fresh, contemporary and thought-provoking all at the same time won’t be able to resist the items that are accessible for purchase at Koto Miami. It sells everything from wall hangings to tiny figurines and beyond.

Haitian Art Factory

Fans of art pieces that are exotic and compelling often can’t say no to the pleasures of the Haitian Art Factory. This store is a favorite among Miami’s most eager art lovers. People who savor the magnificence of African and Caribbean artwork are sure to love this place. People who are intrigued by Haitian artwork specifically are sure to adore it to pieces as well.


People who want to buy art in the center of Miami can always rely on Frangipani. This store focuses on more than just art as well. It also has a fine selection of products that fit into various other categories including housewares. People who appreciate designs that are sustainable are certain to love Frangipani and all that it represents. It also makes a fine shop for people who are looking to purchase sturdy and elegant sculptures of all varieties. Frangipani is yet another Miami art shop that has economical prices on its side.

4 Dec

If you are lucky enough to ever get to visit the Cayman Islands, there are a few places you should make time to visit, take pictures, and relish the beauty. The Cayman Islands are located East of Mexico, and South of Cuba. They consist of three islands, the Grand Cayman, The Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The overall population is around 60,765 and the capital of Cayman Islands, is George Town.

The Cayman Islands are packed with hotels, anywhere from a standard Holiday Inn, to the exclusive Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. There is a hotel for every budget, and need. From Heated pools, indoor saunas, and room service, the Marriott also offers massages and day spas. And if you can score a room at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, you may just see a few celebrities, such as Orlando Bloom, and also Jerry O’Conner has been spotted taking his family to the Resort on vacation. You may luck out and spot one of your favorite celebrities on the famous Cayman Islands during your stay.

If you end up in the Cayman Islands, there are so many places to choose to eat. If you have time to reserve a table, Ristorante Pappagallo has been one of the favorite spots to eat, by many that have visited the Cayman Islands. Its an amazing Italian and Sea food, dine in eatery. If you are strapped on time, or cash, The Burger Shack, raves over its Fast Food, Grilled Best Burgers. The Big Tree BBQ, also known for its fair priced, delicious BBQ food, also offers a quick but positive eating experience.

And while the shopping in Cayman islands are amazing, do not forget that it’s all tax free shopping and Americans can bring home, $800.00 worth of merchandise, per person, duty free. This makes for some great shopping. For a huge selection of Unique gifts and souvenirs, try and stop by Cayside Galleries. While the prices are great, so are the quality of the bags, sundresses-shirts, ornaments, and other items they carry.

31 Jul

On July 7, 2017, an anticipated change of leadership took place at the C-III Asset Management sector of C-III Capital Partners. Kevin Donahue, who has been the company’s acting president and senior managing director has stepped down to take a backseat role in the firm citing personal reasons. In an email shared with The Commercial Observer, the company noted that Barry Davis has taken over the position now as the President of the C-III Asset Management sector for C-III Capital Partners.

Donahue who had joined the firm in a management position in November of 2012, stated that he had made a personal decision “to spend more time with his family”. He stated he needed time to “recharge” and refocus more on his personal life. While he does intend to remain active in the industry to some capacity, the extent of his involvement and his future endeavors remains unclear at this moment.

Davis, who is the new acting president, joined the firm in 2010. He has served as the Chief Operating Officer of C-III Capital Partners since 2011. The company will now be run by a core management group of which Davis will lead. The core group will include Davis as President, Lindsey Wright as Senior Managing Director and Jenna Unell as the company’s General Counsel. These three will comprise the core of C-III Asset Management’s executive management team as the company moves forward with their future plans and endeavors. C-III is managed under Chairman and CEO Andrew Farkas.

In a statement released by the firm by Frank Garrison, President of C-III Capital Partners, the company acknowledged their deep appreciation for all of Kevin Donahue efforts for the firm since his hiring in 2012; “We appreciate Kevin’s many contributions to C-III Capital Partners. His leadership helped navigate the firm” citing his help was pivotal through an extraordinarily busy period for the firm.

Frank Garrison further stated his excitement as the company looks towards the future during this transition. He noted that he felt very confident with Barry Davis’s expertise, noting his appreciation for the new incoming President Barry Davis’ abilities to carry the C-III Asset Management sector to new levels of future success, “We are fortunate to have someone of Barry’s caliber.” He cited that he had the utmost confidence in Davis’ years of industry expertise as well as his time and dedication with the firm. He believed that Davis will help the firm with the transition with little disturbance and will readily help them with their future growth in the real estate industry.

21 Jun

Known for natural beauty and resources, Maine has a tradition of being a rural, scenic state. Readers of Steven King will be well acquainted with the image of Maine’s unique beauty and charm. Maine is carrying this tradition into the future, while still finding room for new business and industries to grow and bring much needed additional capital into the state.

Sparked by the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) introduced in 2001, Maine is now better positioned to compete in the economy. The NMTC has led to new job opportunities throughout the state at both new and existing businesses. The US Treasury department allocated more than $80 million through the legislation to be used as tax credits to economic development projects. A prime example of this is a plant in Baileyville; in operation since 1905, the plant had a pressing need to upgrade to modern equipment and infrastructure. With the passing of the NMTC, the plant was able to save 300 existing jobs and create almost 100 new positions.

By focusing on the areas with a higher level of poverty and unemployment, the NMTC drives cost effective private investments and provides special financing opportunities for small to medium sized business. The legislation is credited with saving or creating more than 1500 jobs, and has had a secondary effect of supporting thousands of additional jobs in the communities served. This show of innovation has attracted new investors and projects to Maine, breathing a fresh life into many neighborhoods. Portland based CEI Capital management is reported to have used tax credits received for 90 projects since 2004, and has saved and created over 4700 jobs. Projects have been used to support growth in manufacturing industries, as well as the arts, health care, conservation, technology,  hospitality, and agriculture.
Olympia Snowe, a former Maine Senator, was outspoken in her support of the New Markets Tax Credit. Her confidence in the acts ability to drive industry and capital to Maine has been infectious in other states considering similar programs. By empowering investors to become more active in Maine, and creating incentives to keep existing industry where it is, Maine has found the perfect solution to both high unemployment rates and increased people living at and below the poverty line. Maine residents are assured prosperous years to come, in part thanks to the New Markets Tax Credit.

19 May

There’s something grand about collecting art. When you are able to invest in pieces for your private collection, you can start a gallery, display the items in your home, or lend them to museums. If you’re a lover of art, you can become a collector with relative ease. Miami is a hot spot for artists, and you may find yourself lot some incredible pieces, which is why you may want to look into a few steps that will help you become a private art collector.

Set Up Storage Space

Before you get to anything related to picking up art, you need to have space. If you do not have a dedicated storage space for the pieces that you are going to buy, you may get stuck with pieces that you cannot transport or store. For that reason, consider purchasing a storage space that can fit the items that you may want to collect. Assess whether you want large pieces, small options, or something fragile. Once you decide that, get a space, you’re going to need it.

Consider the Cost

Moving forward, you’ll want to aside a price that you’re willing to invest. What are your limits? Many artists and galleries are not going to cut you a “discount” on art. Some of the best works are going to cost thousands, if not tens of thousands. Are you ready to make that type of commitment? Assess your budget, and consider what style of art, year, and price point that you want to search within. This is going to help you move forward with ease.

Visit Galleries and Network

Once you have considered the cost, and you’ve set up storage space, start to isolate Miami art galleries. Look for options throughout the city, and visit them during office hours. Prepare to network with the curators, artists, and anyone that works there. Your goal is to get friendly, and on a first name basis with everyone that you come in contact with. When you see pieces that are great, inquire about the artist and see if you can set up a meeting. If you’re looking for art from the past, this is not possible, obviously.

In the case that you’re looking to collect art from the past eras, like modern art, contemporary art, classical, cubist, or other solutions, then you will need to still explore, but since many artists from these eras aren’t around, you may need to befriend gallery owners alone. You may run into other collectors such as George Lindemann, Oprah Winfrey, Val Kilmer and Lars Ulrich, just to name a few famed art collectors.

Throw an Art Opening

After you’ve networked, and visited several galleries, throw an art opening. This can only occur after you’ve networked with galleries, and spoke to curators. After you’ve met artists, and you’ve decided to invest in their work, you can throw an art opening to not only draw attention to the work of the artist, but to showcase the works that you’ve purchased and invested in.

At the end of the day, it’s not hard to become a private art collector in Miami. It just takes a little bit of groundwork, networking, and time. Once you isolate the type of art you want, you will find many opportunities to purchase, invest, and showcase the works. Visit places like Dina Mitrani Gallery, Primary Projects, Spinello Projects, and other galleries in the Miami area to get started.

19 May

The easiest way to review the famous skyscrapers of New York City is to take a look at them starting from the tallest and working downward from there, as that is the only way to go from such heights. The metropolis is home to many great landmarks of architecture, and any tourist wanting to be able to say that they have truly seen what the city has to offer will have to have visited at least some of these buildings during their trip.

The tallest skyscraper in the vicinity at this point in time (2017) is the One World Trade Center (1776ft tall) which was built in 2012 as a replacement for the North Tower of the original World Trade Center complex which was destroyed by terrorists in 2001. There is a nice conglomerate of organizations which lay claim to owners of the One World Trade Center building. First, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey hold principal ownership while 5% ownership was transferred to the Durst Organization. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra as well as Olivia Wilde are just two of the many celebrities who have been spotted here.

432 Park Avenue (1396 feet) holds the claim to the second tallest skyscraper in New York City with its completion in late 2015. Harry Macklowe is the real estate developer who owns the building which fetches an average price per square foot of over $5000. The location is an enviable one as it is between 56th and 57th Streets and this attracts some of the most high profile residents in the scene. Fawaz Al Hokair is a famous Saudi Arabian retail magnate who paid $95 million for a full-floor condo. David Chu, founder of Nautica, gave a slightly more reasonable $7.4 million for his piece of 432 Park Avenue, and many others celebrities and famous names stay there as well.

(ESRT) The Empire State Building (1250ft tall excluding the iconic antenna) long held the coveted status of tallest building in the New York, and even though the claim has since been stolen by the two listed above, the skyscraper is still New York’s third largest. The Empire State Realty Trust is the primary owner, and interesting the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) holds approximately a 10% share through investment in that trust. Mexican professional wrestler Alberto Del Rio has taken the Empire State Building tour. Aaron Curry and Aaron Tveit have also been to the top along with so many others.

Last on this list is the Bank of America Tower which is the fourth largest in the city and has a height of about 1200ft. It sits at One Bryant Park in the Midtown district of Manhattan and is owned by 3 organizations: One Bryant Park, LLC; Bank of America; and The Durst Organization. Actor Carlos Ponce and NFL star Johnny Manziel are among the celebrity sightings that have been made at the Bank of America Tower.

Any of these mentioned landmarks provide epic views of New York City that tourists should be sure not to miss. One can be certain of a good and educational time (as well as possible famous person and celebrity sightings) by putting them on the itinerary and being sure to take a ride to the top.

26 Apr

Finding art and collecting art in Miami is an important part of George Lindemann investment portfolio, and this article explains how celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Alicia Keys invest in art when they come to Miami. Miami is flourishing every year, and it is a city that is filled with inspiring sunshine and vistas.

#1: Who Collects Art?

Everyone who has wealth will collect art simply because it is beautiful, and they will find that the art will give them quite a lot of earning potential on each investment. Celebrities who come to the city will visit the homes of many artists they prefer to work with, and they will have a look at all the things that they may purchase.

#2: Where to Find Shops and Art

There are many shops and art galleries spread around the city. The Design District has art houses, and there are galleries in some of the nicest parts of the city. There are some who wish to shop for art passively, and there are others who will find it quite simple to visit their favored artists when they come to the city.

#3: Basel Art Festival

Basel Art Festival is one of the largest art festivals in the world, and it hosts all the finest artists in the city. They have special booths at the festival that their celebrity clients will visit, and they will ask their artists if there is something new and special they may purchase. There are quite a few people who will come to each booth, and they will see art pieces that they may wish to take home.

#4: Why Is Miami Popular For Art Collectors?

Miami is a large and growing city that has many people coming through for their vacations every year. It has grown such that it offers a number of services and perks to the visitor that will make their stay more exciting, and they often come to see a more beautiful side of the world. Fashion, art and music are thriving in the city.

Everyone who comes to Miami to collect art will find the city quite enlightening as they will visit a place that gives them endless possibilities when they wish to invest. Each piece of art has been created to help someone save their money in a wise manner, and artists are selling direct to celebrities who visit the city for this purpose.

25 Apr

The nonpartisan Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability has been released and has caused a lot of bluster. The program is designed to bring new investment capital into areas that are struggling. The Government Oversight Committee has commissioned an OPEGA report to get all the facts. The report showed that the taxpayers in Maine have received solid investments from the program.

For every dollar places into the Maine New Markets Tax Credit program, the state has generated $21.67 in their gross state products. This measures the state’s economic activity including taxes, sales and other activities. The direct numbers have been exceptional. Every single dollar invested resulted in in state spending of $1.19.

The OPEGA reports the program will bring in a revenue gain of $15.8 million for the budget of the state from 2013 until 2021. This money will be a community investment and fund programs critical to the state.

The reports also showed an incredibly positive impact on the workforce. A total of 764 permanent jobs in Maine were either retained or created. Additionally, 1,000 indirect jobs were either saved or created. If it were not for the New Markets Capital Investment Program these jobs would not exist.

OPEGA found a timelier approach is required in understanding investment projects. They also found some of the programs idiosyncrasies that need adjustments to make future investments even more profitable. One of the main criticisms is that the tax credits are going to companies based out of state. This is considered a backwards criticism since economic development requires investments from other states. This money helps to grow the economy and without the funds stagnation is the result.

The report from OPEGA showed most of the investments made were by investors who had never placed their money in Maine before. This is exceptionally good news for the state. The economy in Maine is struggling and smart thinking and hard work are needed to create more jobs within the state. The report showed the New Markets Capital Investment Program is an excellent way to help achieve this goal. The solid return rate is having a positive impact in the success of the communities. As the upgrades are implemented and the program moves into the future Maine will be well served for many years.

27 Mar

IGY Marinas (Island Global Yachting Marinas) has broadened its Florida marina holdings with the opening of One Island Park – Miami Beach. The super yacht locale on Miami Beach’s Terminal Island is a sign of the company’s intended growth strategy in Florida.

Tom Mukamal, IGY Marinas chief executive officer, commented in a statement that One Island Park – Miami Beach will not only enable the company to draw attention to its services but will also appeal to even larger vessels.

The marina has the capacity for private vessels up to 222 meters or 730 feet in length and a depth of 12 meters or 40 feet as well as dockside electricity. In addition, the marina is exempt from Captain of the Port (COTP) zone regulations, which means vessels can arrive and depart without advance notice. It is situated nearby the U.S. Coast Guard Station. The marina is also located close to Miami’s trendy shops as well as dining, restaurants and leisure activities.

Located on site, concierge BWA Yachting provides the vessels with support services that range from last minute specialized concierge requests to the handling of a single port call. Furthermore, the company announced Gili Wojnowich would take on the position of general manger of One Island Park – Miami Beach.

Wojnowich handled the responsibility of making direct support available to the company’s decision makers as well as presenting detailed examination and underwriting assistance in his most recent position as operations manager for IGY Marinas corporate. He had previously worked as general manager for several IGY marina locations including Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina in New York and Marina at Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas.

One Island Park – Miami Beach will also take part in IGY Marinas global community outreach program, Inspire Giving Through You. The philanthropy program brings volunteers together to give back to the local communities and non-profit organizations that surround the marinas where the company operates.

IGY Marinas, which was launched in 2005 and founded by Andrew Farkas, specializes in servicing and managing luxury-yacht marinas worldwide. The company carries its business out in Colombia, Mexico, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Panama and Turks & Caicos as well as in the US.

16 Feb

The 2011 Ideas Festival was hosted by United Emirates Ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba and his wife Abeer at Nobu Matsuhisa. The Festival was held in honor of Walter Isaacson who was the CEO President of Aspen Institute. It was a private business dinner by invitation only. The event attracted numerous guests in an array of fields from factory work to media. The chef of the hour was Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. The event was sponsored by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic.

The event was held to discuss an array of topics from 9/11 to green technology to the meaning of happiness. Many significant leaders included Alan Greenspan, Sandra Day O’Connor and Robert Putnam. Among the topics address included the rise of the Tea Party in the 2011 elections and other imminent changes that could affect the future of American Policy.

The AIF (Aspen Ideas Festival) Blog that year was titled How Refugee Children Envision the Future. In it, Lina Sergie Attar spoke about life in Syria. Attar’s family moved to Syria from upstate New York when Attar was just 12 years old. She described Syria being so war-torn that families make refugee camps their home and the children there cannot imagine their futures without it. In Syria, compared to the U.S., citizens are expected to submit to authority down to the letter. Attar has since founded the Karam Foundation, which is designed to provide aide to Syrian refugees.

Some other ideas discussed during the festival were preventing gun tragedy in schools, educating students more holistically for success, bridging the gap between the working wealthy and machines that can “craft smarter”.

In the prevention of gun tragedies, Perri Peltz, Maria Cuomo Cole and Nicole Hockley stated that, on average, 95 people are killed due to gun violence and six of those are in their teens or younger. Nicole Hockley’s six-year-old son was killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy, which motivated her to found the Sandy Hook Promise. Maria Cuomo Cole is a film producer whose documentaries have focused on social issues such as PTSD and gun violence. If that’s not an idea worth promoting, then one has to wonder what is.

In Beyond Test Scores, Shirley Brandman, Tom Shriver, Pamela Cantor and Jim Shelton discuss the fact that too many schools are missing the true point of educating children. This is due to the fact that schools still emphasize only the academics and this is not working anymore. As a result, social and emotional competencies need to be emphasized as well.